About Rlevance

We work towards a more human
form of doing business


We are a new-generation small, agile boutique consultancy. Our core team of senior strategic generalist and creative thinkers is supported by a network of on-demand experts.


Christian Vatter


Christian is an expert in brand and CX strategy with a background in user, marketing and architectural psychology. In the past 18 years Christian consulted more than 60 companies, from startup unicorn to old economy leader.

Anna Sundukova

Associated Partner

Anna’s expertise is in experience design and spatial design strategy with a background in interior design and design thinking. She has a track record of building communities and shaping spaces into holistic human-centred products.

Alexandra Uzunoglu

Associated Partner

Alex is a design strategist with a background in business communication and product design. She works at the intersection of brand, product, service, interior design and architecture.



We believe only an economy that revolves around people is a meaningful and sustainable economy.

Systems Thinking

We believe considering the entire system of stakeholders opens the path to win-win solutions accepted by everyone.

Strategic Approach

We believe looking at the big picture and thinking long-term is the best approach for sustainable businesses success.


We believe today’s complex world of intertwined relations can only be tackled by considering multiple disciplines at once.

Science Backed

We believe in research, a scientific approach and a toolkit of proven 
methodologies as key for creating dependable solutions.

Creative Problem Solving

We believe there is always room for improvement and innovation – once you tackle the problem behind the problem, and apply new thinking and methodology.

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