Loewe TV – Deep customer understanding in a fast-changing environment

Using psychological research methodologies to understand today’s radically changing customers 360-degree
How can brands stay relevant for their customers in today’s rapidly changing world? The simple answer is by  deeply understanding  their customer’s experiences, behaviors and motivations. Loewea German manufacturer of luxury television and audio products, went down this path and collaborated with Rlevance to run a comprehensive insight journey to create in-depth understanding of their customers. The goal was to understand the relationship between customers and users of TV sets in all its width and depth, a product category that was undergoing profound change due to the omnipresence of screens and increasing popularity of streaming services. We used an iterative process of in-home customer interviews and ethnographic shadowing to gain insights to inform brand positioning, communication, product design, and retail strategy.

The situation: A fresh start

Loewe is a German manufacturer of luxury television and audio products. Founded in 1923, the company is famous for its iconic design and early innovations, and it’s one of the few television brands still manufacturing in Germany. For the past two decades, the television market has been in flux. Multi-industry corporations from Asian have come to dominate it, and the past decade has witnessed the digitization of the television set; radical shifts that forced Loewe to file for bankruptcy in 2013. But now, under new management, the company is back and bursting with fresh ideas.

Our approach: Deep customer understanding

To explore the relationship between Loewe and its customers, we designed an iterative system of in-depth interviews, which we followed up with ethnographic in-home interviews and shadowing during the retail journey. Our research was driven by four key questions: How do people consume visual content at home today? What product aspects are important for today’s TV users? What is the process of buying a TV today? What advantages does Loewe offer over multi-tech companies like Samsung or Sony? Over the course of six weeks, we talked with, visited, and observed close to 30 carefully selected people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, countries that comprise Loewe’s main market.

The result: A solid basis for marketing, design, and retail

This intensive qualitative research yielded many illuminating insights regarding customer types, decision criteria, customer journey, and brand images. We were able to compile a report that functions as a comprehensive deep dive into the contemporary system – product, user, market – in the domain of visual home entertainment. This report helped streamline and fine-tune the concept for Loewe’s latest products and guide the company’s sales and marketing strategy.


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