Providing a guideline for branded experience to Swisscom

since 2016

Keywords: Branded Customer Experience,
customer centricity, brand implementation,
touchpoint guidelines 

For a telecommunications company such as Swisscom, the quality of interaction with its customers is key. Furthermore, for most service providers, the service experience is the main touchpoint with users and thus a strong means of differentiation. This is why Swisscom asked us to look at the current brand and experience, and help to translate it into a guideline that inspires beneficial, brand-conform service experiences. 

To help Swisscom in doing so, we started out by creating a shared understanding between relevant players from Marketing, Communication, and Human-Centered Design. In a series of workshops, we together formulated a guideline for the branded experience, which translates Swisscom brand values into emotional and cognitive reactions by people which are to be implemented within useful encounters with the brand. By additionally identifying gaps and pain points in the end-to-end customer experience, we helped to provide not only brand-supporting but also beneficial experiences with the brand that accelerate the iterative change process.

In this way, together with Swisscom, we were able to make their brand even clearer to their employees, and created a road map for touchpoint design, behavior and services. Within the process, we brought branding to the attention of Human-Centered Design, and the necessity to act according to user needs to the attention of Marketing.

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