Corporate visioning and strategic planning for systems integrator Fiegl+Spielberger


Keywords: Systemic corporate development,
business modelling, organizational change,
customer segmentation, brand positioning,
product development, B2B

Over the past decade, digitization has significantly changed the telecommunications industry. The communication-technology division of the Austrian systems integrator Fiegl+Spielberger wanted to adapt to this dynamic business environment and initiate improvements, both internally and externally. This required a fundamental change of focus – from simply providing hardware to a solution-based approach.

As part of a comprehensive research phase, we teamed up with foresight consultancy LHBS and gathered perspectives from management, employees, and internal and external customers. Together with a cross-functional task force we revised customer segmentation, realigned the division’s strategy, united various product segments under a new umbrella, and derived a new external-oriented brand idea. Based on this new strategy, we designed implementation measures affecting team culture, external and internal communication, and features and service.

The new division systematically provides value for various stakeholders: for employees by uniting them around an engaging vision, for Fiegl+Spielberger as a whole by bridging internal divisions, and for B2B customers by holistically bundling solutions and new products and services that fulfil the brand promise.

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