Creating a brand-product ecosystem for blockchain
player Lisk


Keywords: Customer segmentation,
qualitative research, offer modeling,
brand strategy, marketing planning

Blockchain is regarded by many as the infrastructure for the next internet. Lisk is a blockchain provider with a vision: to empower developers and businesspeople around the world by providing them with a platform to develop their own blockchain applications. To this end, Lisk has assembled a complex ecosystem of stakeholders with diverse goals, expectations, and capabilities. 

Lisk asked us to help them clarify their brand position and organize their various offerings into a true product ecosystem, allowing them to provide utility to each of their disparate stakeholders. Our goal was to develop and define an overarching brand promise: a brand strategy, role, and meaning for Lisk that was relevant for the various stakeholder groups. 

To do this, we developed a guided process to define and understand stakeholder needs, expectations, level of involvement, and goals. To gain insights, we conducted qualitative research: numerous one-on-one interviews with blockchain and digital experts. We also held a week-long online discussion on Slack featuring blockchain developers from around the globe. We conducted internal interviews with Lisk’s founders to help us integrate their perspectives. We also organized two workshops with Lisk’s founders and Berlin-based creative digital agency Taikonauten with the aim of segmenting stakeholders and target groups, determining brand positioning, bundle functionalities to better serve existing usage, and create new marketing ideas. 

Together with Lisk, Rlevance was able to determine a clear direction that addresses Lisk’s vision as well as the needs of its stakeholders. By bringing clarity to Lisk’s stakeholder situation, Rlevance was able to create a framework for Lisk’s product development, marketing, services, and culture creation efforts to help guide the company into the future. 

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