Creating a new way of customer engagement for Microsoft


Keywords: Branded customer experience,
communication strategy, commercial spaces,
service design, innovation

Located in Berlin, The Digital Eatery is Microsoft’s first and, to date, only branded space solely focused on end users. The idea is as simple as it is intriguing: to provide a comfortable, café-like venue where people can get more familiar with Microsoft products. Microsoft contacted us with some concrete goals. They wanted to strengthen ties between customers and the brand, to improve engagement among various target groups, and to enhance the brand experience. With these goals in mind, we set about reinvigorating the concept of the space in three phases.

First, during the research phase, we assessed the various stakeholders’ requirements. By conducting interviews within Microsoft, we crystallized the goals of The Digital Eatery and the brand in general. Then we evaluated visitor experience and needs through interviews and observation. We also incorporated a broader, more future-oriented perspective by interviewing experts of the digital domain and of digital trends.

Next, during the strategy phase, we held a series of co-creative workshops with Microsoft to define key elements like target groups, the main strategic goal of The Digital Eatery, and offers and activities for visitors.

In the final phase we developed a strategic concept and creative framework for the space, keeping two main ideas in mind: to create value for various visitor groups by addressing their situational needs and, at the same time, to support the Microsoft brand by delivering the core message of the brand. This was achieved by using a service-design approach: instead of just displaying Microsoft products, we focused on providing useful services that involved those products – an approach we implemented in collaboration with external creative partners.

Consequently, the space became an activity space where Microsoft’s innovations and their benefit to peoples’ lives can be experienced in a service-oriented manner.

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