Giving a purpose to the 
Mercedes-Benz Germany 
marketing department


Keywords: internal branding, brand purpose,
company cultural change, qualitative research,
team trainings

Today, as customers become more media and marketing-literate and less loyal to brands, a strong marketing department is more important than ever. 

Mercedes-Benz Germany was aware of these trends and asked Rlevance to design and implement a new internal branding and cultural development strategy for its marketing department. The goal? Help the marketing department become more relevant—and contribute more strongly—in what has always been a sales-driven organization. For the good of the company, marketing’s inherent potential as a tool for development and cultural change within the company needed to be utilized more effectively. We found the best way to do this was by uniting the team behind a cohesive, self-aware culture. 

In collaboration with LBHS consulting, we conducted qualitative research consisting of interviews with relevant employees within the department, influential leaders, and important stakeholders of related departments. By detailing marketing’s existing strengths and benefits, we were able to shed light on the network of relationships that the department operates within. Next, in a series of team workshops, we defined purpose, brand meaning, and working strategies for the department. To facilitate the adoption of the new working culture, team trainings were developed to help the department’s employees reflect on the new purpose and adapt to the new working strategies. 

Rlevance was able to create a new culture for the Mercedes-Benz Marketing department that allowed them to reposition themselves in the minds of stakeholders. Not only that, but this new, more cohesive culture served as a source of inspiration and motivation, helping team members work together towards a greater goal and redefining their relationships with Mercedes-Benz’s other departments. This provided marketing employees with a new toolkit for approaching projects, allowing them to further optimize their processes. The result? An agile, motivated marketing department ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.

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