Rlevance is led by Christian Vatter, a business psychologist and customer/user strategist with over 20 years of experience in shaping organizational relationships with users and customers. 

Throughout his career, he has advised over 60 organizations across 30 industries, ranging from global car manufacturer to innovative blockchain startup. He regularly contributes to marketing publications and speaks at high-profile conferences. 

Christian mentors and consults at the strategic level, or develops solutions with a team of on-demand experts. As a setup/interim manager, he establishes the essential knowledge, structures, and processes for a successful, customer-centric, marketing-driven organization.

Christian Vatter, Founder of Rlevance


Customer Research and Insights

Brand Positioning & Communication Strategy

Service Branding

Brand-driven Customer Experience

Experience Innovation & Service Design

Retail Experience & Concepts

User Centered Architecture / Placemaking

Customer Centricity / Customer-centric Transformation


Process Strategy & Design

Research & Analysis

Concept & Solution Innovation

Briefing & Accompanying Implementation

Performance Measurement & Strategy Reviews


Focus on relevance and usefulness in all phases of the customer journey to build preference and sustainable relationships.

Approach strongly customer-centric, psychologically based, interdisciplinary and systemic.

Very broad methodological expertise.

Rlevance Christian Vattert