Rlevance is led by Christian Vatter, a business psychologist and customer strategist with more than 20 years of experience shaping the relationship between organizations and their users or customers. 

He uses a systemic approach and a wide set of methodologies, working cross-disciplinary on all elements that shapes people’s relationship with their world around them. He is driven by the idea to create a win-win between organizations and users as the most sustainable form of doing business.  

In his career, Christian has advised more than 60 organization in 30 industries, from global car manufacturer to innovative blockchain startup. 

Christian Vatter, Founder of Rlevance


Brand & Communication Strategy

Corporate Behavior & Customer Experience

Service Design & Product Innovation

Environmental Psychology / User Centered Architecture / Placemaking

The Customer Centric Organization


Approach and Process Design

Research and Analysis

Strategy and Concept Ideas

Implementation Guidance

Input, Advisory, and Mentoring


Focus on relevance and usefulness in all phases of the customer journey to build preference and sustainable relationships.

Approach strongly customer-centric, psychologically based, interdisciplinary and systemic.

Very broad methodological expertise.

Rlevance Christian Vattert