Spatial Design

UX design for the built environment

Areas of Expertise

Making spaces work

What makes spaces really work is more than just an efficient floorplan and good-looking furniture. A great space is created as an experience journey that clicks with the requirements and desires of all its users – just like a website with great UX design.

Combining our understanding of human psychology with a strategic approach to design, we create spaces that make people thrive. We develop how spaces need to function, what meaning they should communicate and what kind of relationships they build. We do this on different scales, from workstations to rooms, and from buildings to public spaces.

Embodying brand identity and promise

A spatial experience is the most immersive brand experience one can imagine. A great space communicates its unique values, and delivers on its promises.

We create spaces that embody what the brand wants to be known for. We ensure that every touchpoint within that experience builds towards a unique and memorable impression, making the brand stand out uniquely against competitors.

Connecting the dots across all disciplines

A great spatial product experience unfolds across time and is built on the well orchestrated interplay between all the different disciplines involved in its creation.

We connect all the necessary dots and ensure that the entire spatial experience is aligned on the larger vision: from architecture to service design, from digital tools to marketing communication. A space touches many dimensions, and so does our work.

Work Examples

Human Spaces 

Our talk series on human-centered architecture